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We are happy to share guidelines that will assist you in creating your perfect cup. These are only guidelines, so feel free to tweak ratios, experiment, and reach out if you have more specific questions


How you grind your beans directly affects the flavor and strength that ends up in your cup. Too course of grounds will create under-extracted coffee (aka weak) while too fine of grounds will do the opposite, and you might end up with bitter tastes that aren't so enjoyable. 

 So, dialing in the grind is key. 

We recommend investing in a quality, burr grinder. This style of grinder will give you a more consistent and precise grind. There are numerous burr grinders available on the web that range from $50 up to thousands of dollars. A starter grinder that won't completely break the bank can be found HERE.

If purchasing a burr grinder of your own is not of interest, we further recommend selecting the "Ground" option when you purchase your Rejoice Coffee. This will help eliminate your coffee tasting off since we'll grind it for you.



When using a drip coffee pot, we prefer to brew our coffee with the ratio 1:17 (coffee:water), meaning 1 part coffee to 17 parts water. If you don't have a kitchen scale, below is a standard recommendation. Note, coffee makers cup size is equal to 4 oz: 

4 cup marking (16 oz) - 2 TBSP or 28 grams 

6 cup marking(24 oz) - 3 TBSP or 41 grams

8 cup marking (32 oz) - 4 TBSP or 55 grams 

10 cup marking (40 oz) - 5 1/2 TBSP or 69 grams 


This step varies from person to person, as well as coffee maker to coffee maker. 

Play with your ratio to find a balance that suits your tastes!

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