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Many of our favorite moments in life involve coffee

As ambitious newlyweds, Kaleb and I (Hi, I'm Emma!) have dreams of one day opening a coffee shop. So, we fired things up and got into coffee roasting. (Pun intended!) Over the past couple years, we have been experimenting with roasters, learning the language of coffee, and tasting beans from across the globe

Coffee is simply a joy. 

Whether playing cards with family over a fresh pot, connecting with a pal at a coffee shop, or soaking in a still morning with a steamy cup, coffee has a special presence. We have met several people who find this statement to be true.


Life is full of moments, relationships, experiences, places, and even drinks that are worth rejoicing over.


IMG_0528 2.jpg

Through our coffee, we hope you're reminded and encouraged

to rejoice today. Whatever that may look like!

Read more about our journey in coffee
roasting by clicking the article below:
"Rejoice Coffee Company springs up in tiny Dumont"

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